Hydraulic Press Juice Extractor

Replicating Machines from Overseas

It is hard to build a startup that requires and completely depends on machines that can only be found in Chinese retail sites like Alibaba. But there are reliability issues, shipping hassles and as a result, cost. A juice extraction machine using a motorized hydraulic press is a heavy and costly machine to import. We were hence assigned to make one.

This juice press required a 100 mm bore hydraulic cylinder and 5 hp motor for feasible and economic extraction. This machine was built for Margo Nepal Pvt. Ltd., a startup company of M&S ventures. This company aims to bring apples from Marpha, mince them and press using the above machine to produce 100% pure juice, without any added sugar, water or preservatives. We acknowledged and complied with the company's aim to supply pure quality juice by using food-grade steel on surfaces that are in contact with the juice.