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Dumb Waiter (Food trolley lift)

Replicating Machines from Overseas

Floor plans of some hotels/restaurants might require kitchen on one floor and dining hall/buffet room on the other due to space and building design constraints. Delivering food from the kitchen to the eatery will then require the food trolley to be lifted and lowered in a fancy manner. Dumb waiters are built for such purposes.



G.R.I.T Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has built two single-story food lifts for Cup n Cake restaurant in Sinamangal road and for Swiss International Hotel Sarowar in Pokhara, the latter being the same hotel where a car-escalator was installed. Food lifts are convenient for low floor area restaurants which obviates the need for waiters to take the stairs to and from the kitchen. The food tray or trolley can be pushed to the tray of the forklift and following a special signaling protocol for safety, the tray is lifted or lowered directly to the recipient on the other side.