Granulator Granulator Granulator


Product Specifications

A plastic granulator, or sometimes referred to as crusher, has the unique ability to quickly and efficiently cut a stream of plastic scrap into small uniform pieces for recycling. It consists of four outer blades and four inner blades (two on each side). Specification of a granulator designed by GRIT is given below. GRIT can design the granulator of other specifications if you want.

 S.N.  Parts Name Description Quantity
1 Cylindrical Roller Bearing ID: 70mm 2
2 Electric Motor 20hp, 3 phase 1
3 Large pulley  16 inch, 2 groove pulley (C) 1
4 Small pulley 6 inch, 2 groove pulley (C) 1
5 Working volume 552*358*360 mm3
6 Total Weight  400 to 500 kg
7 Capacity  10-20 kg per lot