Agglomerator Agglomerator


Product Specifications

It looks like a cylindrical container, in which four inner rotary and four outer stationary blades cut the plastics into much smaller pieces and makes homogeneous mixture that increases the efficiency of the extruder. Following is the specification of an agglomerator designed for G.R.I.T. Plastics. The company can design this product with other specification as well.

 S.N.  Parts Name Description Quantity
1 Conical Bearing ID: 85mm 1
ID: 90mm 1
2 Electric Motor 40hp, 3 phase 1
3 Large pulley  12 inch, 3 groove pulley (C) 1
4 Small pulley 6 inch, 3 groove pulley (C) 1
5 Working volume ID: 568mm, Height: 420mm
6 Total Weight  700 to 800 kg
7 Capacity 15-30 kg per lot