Dryer Dryer


Product Specifications

Wet plastic after washing is poured into the dryer, which consists of a rotating cylindrical drum (net). Its main function is to dry the wet plastics pieces by centrifugal force. Following specification of dryer has been manufactured for GRIT Plastic Ltd. According to your requirement, this company can design a dryer of other specifications as well.

 S.N.  Parts Name Description Quantity
1 Conical Bearing ID: 65mm 1
ID: 70mm 1
2 Electric Motor 5hp, 3 phase 1
3 Large pulley  12 inch, 2 groove pulley (B) 1
4 Small pulley 6 inch, 2 groove pulley (B) 1
5 Working volume ID: 696mm, Height: 377mm
6 Total Weight  200 to 300 kg
7 Capacity 8-15 kg of plastics per lot