Custom Mechanism Design

A cable ferry is a watercraft that is used to carry passengers and vehicles in fast-moving rivers across the short distances. It can be used as an economic public transport system as the capital cost of the ferry is lower than the cost of construction of the bridge. There are two anchorage blocks at left and right of river, a engine house for winch mechanism, two side stay block, a 6m tall pole to withstand the ferry load, and a ferry boat. 19mm hauling cable and 40mm stationary rope are used to guide the boat. Ferry with the following specifications has been installed in the Karnali river by G.R.I.T. Engineering  Pvt. Ltd. 

S.N. Specification Description
1 Load capacity 20 ton
2 Weight of ferry 30 ton
3 Material mild steel
4 Size  16.46m*8.3m