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Hydraulic Clay Molding Machine

Custom Mechanism Design

It's an amazing machine which produces three-piece at a stroke easily and efficiently. A hydraulic system is used to press the clay inside the die and then it will be lifted as the piston moves upward so that you can manually take it from die. So, it is a very simple machine with which you can save your lot of time and number of workers by avoiding the traditional handicraft system. You can easily change the die yourself if you need to produce other shape/size of product as well.
Depending upon your choice, we can provide various type of clay molding machine (like diyo, gamala making machine etc.) for your production.

 S.N.  Parts Name Description
1 Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke length = 250mm
2 Size of machine 770mm*500mm*1600 mm
3 Number of die  Three
4 Power Pack 2 hp
5 Total Weight  280 kg